21 days around the world in 2022

Will You Marry Me?

–== WE said yes!!!!==–

Our super power is the transformational love we have for each other and our planet. Our mission is to be married across all cultures and continents, for the rest of our lives.

For those that know us, you know there is nothing normal about us.

For those who will come to know us as this site grows, you will learn why.

For now, feel free to follow along as we ignite the light of this site.


West Texas Blessing
April 2, 2022
Lubbock, TX USA

House of Habsburg Blessing
April 22, 2022
(Earth Day morning ๐ŸŒ)
Satellite Link from Indonesia

Balinese Blessing
April 22, 2022
(Earth Day evening ๐ŸŒ)
Ubud, Indonesia

Buddhist Blessing
April 24, 2022
Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I see you and you see me.
I believe in you and you believe in we.


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