Dear Instagram Friends,

This website is for you.

It is brand new and you are seeing this site before everyone else. Why? Because my Instagram profile is the only link on the internet to this site. Right now, this site is all yours!

Early adopter. Trendsetter. Ahead of the curve.
These are my words to describe you, the first users of this site.

Right now, there are only 3 things you can do.

Enjoy the pictures. Ask me a question! Your questions help me know exactly how to help you.

Get good at Instagram. Become a better photographer in the process. 

That’s my goal. That’s my goal for you.

Knowing the best tips, tricks, and Instagram secrets is going to help you master Instagram.

Guides and Tutorials organized, sorted, and continuously updated with you in mind. 

Soon, this site will be filled with original content. Permanent links to useful information that you can bookmark and save. The confidence of knowing that behind is a real person, me.

Join the newsletter, ask me a question, bookmark this site.

Stand with me. Show me that we’re in this together. A little effort by you goes a long way with me.


See you around!