Ocellated Turkey

Stumbled across an ocellated turkey. We both froze.

His left eye is looking right at you.

I clicked a pic. He clucked and flew back in to the jungle.

As I walked off, the ruins didn’t look like a gray, dull mystery. The buildings became vivid, precise works of art. The buildings were elaborate and full of color, like the ancient Mayan turkey.

Don’t be an artifact. Be colorful. Roar!

To whisper is to be misunderstood.

An ocellated turkey is a colorfully vibrant wild turkey that lives in the Yucutan region of Guatemala and Mexico.

A Brief Overview of this Photograph

I shot this picture with a SONY NEX-5N on July 7th, 2012.

The ISO is set to 500 and the Aperture to f/5.6. The Shutter Speed is 1/100s with a Focal Length of 55mm.

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