What kind of camera do you use?

“What kind of camera do you use” is a question I get frequently asked.

My answer is always:

I use the camera that I have at the time.

I usually carry an iPhone. When that’s all I have, the iPhone camera is what I use.

Sometimes, I intentionally carry a compact or full size camera with me. Usually, when I know I might need to take pictures.

For the times I know I will be taking lots of pictures, I might take multiple cameras. I’ve found the main benefit of multiple cameras to be lens related. I can shoot with the camera with a 50mm lens, then switch to the camera with a macro lens, and switch to the camera with a telephoto lens, without having to stop and physically take lenses on and off.

This is a screenshot of my photo library. ┬áIt has a list of all the cameras I’ve used to take the pictures in my library.

Keep in mind these are the cameras I’ve used over 15+ years of taking digital photographs.

Looking at the list, I can tell you that I haven’t shot a Nikon camera in a long time. Until recently, I’d mainly shoot Canons.

Recently, my favorite camera is the Sony NEX-5N. I like it because it’s small, light, and fast.

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