This is the First Post

In case you hadn’t noticed, has a blog.

I’ve got lots to tell you. Stories to share. Pictures you’ll be able to read in more ways that one.

But, this isn’t necessarily that page. I mean, it could be the page you end up bookmarking. And, if you happen to bookmark a different page, all the power to you.

If not, here are a few tips:

  • This site is mobile friendly. I believe, that every web enabled device should be equal. That people all over the world see the same website you and I see,  regardless of screen size, pixels, or religion.
  • Learn to ditch the WWW. It’s 2012. Don’t ever waste your time typing out www. -10 points for you next time you hear someone say “just go to “dub-dub-dub dot”, for any site. You can reach this site by going to For the uninitiated, you can go to once, but that’s it!
  • Menu navigation at the top of every page. It will always be there, to help you get around.
  • Additional navigation at the bottom of every page. The web page term for it is the Footer. It’s there to help you get around.
  • Awesome icon if you add to home screen.

I’d keep going, but I’m eager to post some photos!

Please look around. If you have any questions, send me a message!


About John Bacon

Passionate about leveraging Google to benefit locally owned and operated businesses. I shop local, I bank local, but my cameras and lenses are German and Japanese.